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Secure uptime with Alfa Laval genuine spare parts

When you use Alfa Laval genuine spare parts, you can be sure of the right part at the right time. Alfa Laval genuine spare parts keep your equipment running at peak performance throughout its lifetime. Our high-quality, durable parts put productivity first and extend your equipment's lifecycle, lowering your ownership costs.

To order spare parts or to find out what spare parts you need for your equipment, you can contact your local Alfa Laval office by a phone call or email. Alternatively, fill out the form to the right and send us your request. Our local sales office will get in touch with you after. 

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Using Alfa Laval genuine spare parts ensures:

  • Increased uptime and productivity
  • Longer lasting parts for a longer lifespan
  • Reduced cost of ownership

Tips to ensure your parts are genuine:

  • Look for the Alfa Laval logo on every packaging and part
  • Ensure the Alfa Laval name and trademark, with the words "Genuine Parts" are printed on the packaging
  • Review the packing list to ensure that part is genuine
  • Inspect the part number printed on each packaging

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Inventory of hazardous Materials | MEPC269 (28)

The Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, 2009 (the Hong Kong Convention), was adopted at a diplomatic conference held in Hong Kong, China, from 11 to 15 May 2009, which was attended by delegates from 63 countries.

A vast set of guidelines were introduced as a follow up to the convention, including guidelines for the development of the Inventory of Hazardous Materials, titled as MEPC269(28). These guidelines have turned into legal requirements via EU SRR and will be implemented from December 2020.

The regulations are directed to the shipowners. It makes them a market demand for Alfa Laval as a supplier to these ships.

In summary, each item that goes into a ship, should be followed by a material declaration document informing if there is any substance from the declaration table, present in the item.

Alfa Laval parts, distribution and logistics has created a general certificate and material declaration that covers majority of items sold by DC.

This certificate is valid for all items except the ones on the list below (Exception List).

This certificate is valid for all items, except the ones in the "Exception list_V3" provided below.
In case of ordering item(s) for which certificate has been issued, you will receive it directly from Alfa Laval Greece Sales Support Team, within approx. two weeks after its delivery.

Safety data sheets - Chemical products

Safety data sheetsBenfit from chemical products that increase the performance of our equipment. Special products for:

Lubricants, cleaning agents – descalants, corrosion inhibitors, pH stabilizers, flocking agents for separation, adhesives, surface enhancers – reconditioners.

Find the latest updated safety data sheets

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