Service and support throughout installation, start-up and beyond

Ballast water treatment involves more than installing a system and switching it on. ​ To keep you compliant, ongoing effort is needed.

The regulations demand:

  • Discharge performance
  • System inspections, function checks and calibrations 
  • Crew training to ensure it

Immediate service needs​:

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Retrofitting can be simple

Overwhelmed by the thought of retrofitting a ballast water treatment system? You’re not alone. But the right planning and guidance can minimize the challenges and costs. With experience from over a decade of PureBallast 3 retrofits, Alfa Laval has the insights, skills and routines to keep your retrofit project on course.

Tailored retrofit solutions

On most vessels there is no existing space or consideration for ballast water treatment. The compactness and flexibility of PureBallast 3 Compact Flex will simplify a retrofit, but Alfa Laval’s hands-on knowledge and proven working procedures are even more important.

Cooperation and flexibility

Retrofits involve partnerships, often at a global level. We can work with your engineering department and chosen yard, or we can secure competencies from our own network for engineering support, 3D laser scanning, class approval and more.

PureBallast training 640x360.jpgPureBallast training

PureBallast 3 is designed for ease of use, which means crews can quickly learn how to operate and maintain the ballast water treatment system. However, ballast water treatment is still a relatively new application.

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Take a virtual deckhouse tour

Get a close look at an Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 Ex deckhouse by taking a virtual tour on board a tanker. Use your computer or a VR headset to explore this purpose-designed solution for installation on the weather deck.

Take the virtual tour

PB-Connect-vignette.jpgPureBallast Connect digital services

Digital services, enabled by connectivity, are the way forward for marine equipment. PureBallast Connect is a digital service package that helps you get even more value from your PureBallast systems, by providing smart ways to reduce your OPEX. Find out how PureBallast Connect can help maximize system uptime, reduce workload and enable fleet-wide optimization.

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PureBallast Compliance Service Package

One package with all that you need​

The PureBallast Compliance Service Package is a complete service solution, including all the service components presented here. For one minimal fee, you get everything you need to be certain of compliance.

Together, the components of the PureBallast Compliance Service Package ensure healthy operations and peace of mind – with a predictable preventive maintenance cost. You should choose it:

  • For compliance 
  • For economy 
  • For peace of mind

The package includes:

  • Planning
  • Travel time
  • Calibration
  • Condition Audit
  • Performance Audit
  • Crew training
  • Filter inspection
  • Water sampling (bacteria)
  • Alarm log analysis

Succeed with biological commissioning testing

As of 1st June 2022, biological commissioning testing is required after installing a ballast water treatment system. Through water sampling and analysis, the testing verifies that the whole installation delivers compliant performance. You as the shipowner are responsible, but that doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Learn what’s at stake with biological commissioning testing – and how Alfa Laval can help when it comes to PureBallast 3 installations.

Commissioning sampling 640x360

Finance your retrofit

Retrofitting ballast water treatment systems is a major undertaking – with a significant cost. But we can keep financing from becoming an extra burden. Through well-established partners, Alfa Laval can arrange leasing or credit guarantees for PureBallast 3. You can count on flexible financing at a competitive price, with full cost transparency and minimal bureaucracy. Download our brochure or contact us to learn more.


Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio

Our Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio contains services to support and optimize your equipment throughout its lifetime. In addition to the PureBallast Compliance Service Package and PureBallast 3 training, if offers services such as installation supervision, commissioning and recommissioning for systems being started up after a long period of inactivity.


Our global service network

Alfa Laval is not only the most experienced supplier of ballast water treatment systems, but also a true marine supplier with a global service network and a century-long track record. Our service team is available 24/7 and wherever you sail – in key marine harbours, by phone, online or on board.

Peace of mind and more

Alfa Laval service experts help you get the most from your equipment. Dedicated to keeping you competitive, they work to maximize your uptime, minimize your costs and secure the best return on your equipment investment. Besides securing parts and performing maintenance, our service engineers can instruct your crews, troubleshoot complex issues or evaluate your equipment and make expert recommendations. By taking advantage of their skills and support, you can rely on PureBallast for cost-effective compliance throughout your vessel’s lifetime.

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