PureBallast Connect
Drive operations forward by leveraging BWMS data

Drive operations forward by leveraging system data. Alfa Laval PureBallast Connect is a secure digital service portal that brings you information from your Alfa Laval PureBallast systems – anytime, anywhere. With remote access to ballast water management system (BWMS) data, you can maximize uptime, reduce workload, and optimize across your fleet. The portal supports faster and deeper collaboration, both across your organization and with Alfa Laval.

  • Clear overview of system self-monitoring data and ballast events over time
  • Swift troubleshooting and resolution with the help of real-time information
  • 24/7 data-driven support that means fewer and faster onboard visits
  • Effortless communication using the portal as a common platform
  • Cost efficiency through optimized system use and care
  • Enhanced performance across the fleet through trending, fine-tuning and more

Scope of service

PureBallast Connect is a secure, cloud-based portal for information from your fleet’s PureBallast systems. More than a service, it provides a platform for active improvement. It offers a growing range of features that can help you maximize crew and PureBallast performance:

24/7 data-driven support

When a problem occurs, it can be difficult and time-consuming for the crew to identify the root cause. PureBallast Connect gives Alfa Laval experts remote access to system diagnostic data, which strengthens our existing 24/7 Service & Support. When the support is data-driven, our experts can troubleshoot more easily and guide the crew more quickly to a solution. If an onboard visit proves necessary, it can be planned better and executed faster. As a result, your vessel spends more time where it belongs: in profitable operation.

Access to system data

PureBallast Connect lets your superintendents, shore teams and other authorized personnel view ballast events and selected data from connected PureBallast systems. The information can be used for:

Troubleshooting: If an issue arises, crews have real-time data that can help them identify and resolve it. That means a faster return to uptime and smooth sailing.

Fleet-wide optimization: PureBallast Connect makes it possible to monitor and compare system performance, so that you can track trends and establish best crew practices. Using the portal, your fleet can collaborate seamlessly to enhance performance, reduce operating costs and improve environmental stewardship.

Visual reports (VisuALog)

PureBallast Connect provides clear overview by integrating our VisuALog service tool into the portal. VisuALog makes data easy to understand and act on by visualizing it in three types of reports:

Tabular: This provides an overview of selected alarms, events and warnings within a selected time period.

Operational: This provides information about PureBallast self-monitoring parameters and any alarms or warnings during a selected ballasting or deballasting operation.

Monthly: This provides an overview of all ballasting and deballasting operations within the selected month, including Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) and any occurrence of system bypass.

What we do

We provide PureBallast Connect on a subscription basis, giving you secure, cloud-based access to real-time and historical data from your PureBallast systems. The solu¬tion safeguards compliance and is also future-proof, as it can easily be updated to ensure long-term value.

Using the PureBallast Connect portal, you can make proactive maintenance and operational decisions that protect uptime and avoid potential fines associated with non-compliance. The portal helps superintendents, shore teams and crews to troubleshoot and communicate more effectively, and the information can be presented in visual reports for clear overview.

The portal also strengthens our 24/7 Service & Support by making diagnostic data available to our service experts. Through data-driven support, we can solve more issues remotely and make onboard visits more efficient when needed.

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