Ten top tips for decanters

Ten top tips to keep your decanter in tip top condition

  1. Ensure the key operating parameters (speed, solids density, feed rate) match the original design specifications.

  2. Monitor the machine daily. Check vibrations and bearing temperatures. Look for leaks and investigate any abnormal noise.

  3. On a weekly and monthly basis, check the casing for any solids build up (and remove if necessary).

  4. Periodically check all automatic monitoring systems and shut-off devices for correct operation.

  5. Every six months or 1000 hours, check – and adjust – gearbox oil level and belt tension.

  6. Always stick to the recommended lubrication intervals and the instructions for preventive maintenance.

  7. Use only the approved brands of grease and oil and make sure they are within the recommended shelf life.

  8. Keep service area and decanter surroundings clean. Always clean parts thoroughly before assembly. Tighten screws to the correct torque levels.

  9. Use only genuine OEM-supplied tools for service and maintenance and store the tools in a clean, dry location.

  10. Use only genuine spare parts for guaranteed performance, reliability and equipment life. Maintain a stock of key spare parts like grease, oil, intermediate and major service kits.