Safety filters

If any undesirable particles are present in the product flow entering a membrane filtration installation, the efficiency and durability of the entire filtration system will be severely affected. Alfa Laval safety filters are designed to prevent this

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Membrane filtration plants are very sensitive to the presence of any particles and debris in the product flow. The safest and easiest way to guard against this is the use of safety filters installed in the feed line.

Alfa Laval safety filters are particle-retaining slot tube filters specially designed to comply with sanitary requirements. The standard Alfa Laval filter cartridge features 100-micron (0.004-inch) slots. 50-micron, 200-micron and 300 micron filter cartridges are also available upon request.

Alfa Laval safety filters are available with 38 mm, 51 mm and 76 mm diameter connections in order to meet a wide range of flow requirements.

Mounting and removing these filter cartridges does not involve any use of tools, thus saving on time and manpower.

All the materials used comply with the appropriate FDA regulations and all parts are made of AISI 316L stainless steel.

Benefits, auxiliary membrane equipment

  • wide range of special ancillary equipment, fittings and accessories
  • full spectrum available from one single expert source
  • short delivery times and efficient logistics
  • all components dovetailing perfectly
  • all materials in compliance with FDA regulations and suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications

Πως δουλεύει

Safety filters are installed in the feed line to a membrane filtration set-up to protect sensitive membrane filtration units from the unfortunate effects of any particles and debris that may be present in the product flow.

More detailed information about Alfa Laval safety filters is available by downloading the appropriate documentation.