Easy to install and maintain the MMB has a large space for sludge collection during purification of marine and power mineral oils.

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Purification or clarification (optional) of mineral oils used in marine installations and power stations:

  • Distillates
  • Marine Diesel Oils MDO up to 13 cSt at 40°C
  • Lubricating oils for trunk diesel engines operating on distillates and light MDO
  • Lubricating oils for steam and gas turbines
  • Lubricating and hydraulic oils for hydroelectric power stations


The MMB series of solids-retaining separators is available in two models, the MMB 304 and MMB 305.

Each MMB separation system comprises:

  • An MMB separator
  • Ancillary equipment consisting of connections and valve assembly

Optional equipment

  • Independent oil feed pump
  • Oil heating system, steam or electric
  • Water seal alarm MAWA-40

Features and benefits

  • Compact, robust design
  • Internal paring disc for discharge of clean oil
  • Large sludge space
  • Belt-driven

The major benefits are:

  • Easy to install. Requires limited space.
  • Pressurised discharge of clean oil. No need for downstream pump.
  • Fewer service manhours. Larger sludge space extends operating period between manual cleaning.
  • Lower maintenance and spare parts costs.

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Separation takes place in a solidsretaining, also known as a solid-wall, bowl that can be arranged for purification or clarification (optional). In both cases the contaminated oil is fed to the separator by a feed pump through the oil inlet and is separated by centrifugal force into its various phases. The heaviest phase, sludge, is forced to and deposited at the periphery of the bowl. Separated sludge is collected in the space at the periphery of the bowl and removed periodically by hand using the stainless steel sludge basket.

 The clean oil is continuously discharged by the built-in paring disc pump. Water leaves the bowl via an open outlet. When operated in purifier mode, a gravity disc must be fitted to obtain the correct interface position (the boundary between the separated oil and the water seal) in the separator bowl. In the optional clarifier mode, a clarifier disc is fitted instead of a gravity disc. A MAWA-40 water seal alarm is available as optional equipment to monitor the pressure in the clean oil outlet. The control unit will shut off the oil feed to the separator in case a pressure drop is detected and give an audible and visible alarm.


The MMB separation system is designed for installation as a complete system. The schematic layout in the figure below shows a typical installation of an MMB separator. Contaminated fuel or oil is supplied by the feed pump from the oil tank to the separator bowl for continuous cleaning. After separation, the cleaned oil is discharged by a built-in paring disc pump. The complete system includes MAWA water seal alarm, starter, heater, valves, piping and other essential ancillary equipment.

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