Aalborg D

Aalborg D is a high performance oil-fired marine boiler. It is intended for steam or hot water production. The boiler is built for lifelong reliability and low maintenance costs.

Aalborg D船用锅炉-Aalborg D marine boiler

Aalborg D is a high performance oil-fired marine boiler with a steam capacity range up to 120 t/h.

Aalborg D is intended for steam or hot water production, the oil and gas-fired productis supplied as a vertical, two-drum boiler with a D-type design.

The boiler is especially suited for tanker installations producing steam for cargo pump turbines, heating, tank cleaning as well as producing inert gas.

Features and benefits of the Aalborg D product

  • Standard medium-pressure water tube boiler
  • Two-drum D-type design boiler configuration
  • Horizontal flue gas pass
  • Delivered as complete unit for easy installation
  • Available with pin tubes or bare tubes
  • Designed for operation with a steam atomising burner

Πως δουλεύει

The Aalborg D boiler is of the well proven two-drum D-type design and is made in standard sizes up to 120 t/h of steam.

The Aalborg D boiler consists of a steam and water drum connected by a generating tube bank. The furnace is made of membrane walls forming a fully water-cooled gas-tight furnace. Large unheated external downcomers welded to the drums secure natural water circulation – with a large circulation ratio.

 Its furnace is built with membrane walls and contains only little refractory material. The convection section consists either of bare tubes or of straight pin tubes with bent pins, which provide a high coefficient of heat transfer and a low pressure loss. Circulation is ensured by downcomers placed outside the membrane walls.

Alfa Laval Aalborg steam atomizing burner-
Aalborg KBSD

The Aalborg KBSD steam atomising burner is designed for use on our top-fired boilers and is delivered pre-mounted. A dynamic wind-box provides for low pressure loss and a stable combustion at low loads. All burner mountings are arranged to ensure easy installation and maintenance. 

  • Capacity range: 1.7 – 46.6 MW

Design Data

  • Steam capacity:  25 - 120 t/h 
  • Design pressure:  18 bar(g) 
  • Design pressure:  18 - 24 bar 
  • Steam temperature:  From saturation up to +40ºC
  • Capacity: 25 000–120000    g/h  

Ship types

  • VLCC tanker
  • Suezmax tanker
  • Aframax tanker
  • FPS unit