Performance Audit and CIP turn sceptics into believers – as the savings add up

Alfa Laval suggested to one of the world’s largest ethylene producers that a Performance Audit could accurately determine whether their 11 plate heat exchangers from another manufacturer needed cleaning. At the time, the company was sceptical to say the least. Four years and hundreds of thousands of Euros in savings later, they’re more than convinced.

ΗΜΕΡΟΜΗΝΙΑ 2023-11-28

When Alfa Laval first approached the Arabian Gulf petrochemical giant, they performed manual cleaning of their seawater coolers on a yearly basis. This was expensive, time consuming and caused unnecessary wear and tear on gaskets and plates. 

Alfa Laval Performance Audit enables efficient Cleaning Services

Alfa Laval suggested Performance Audit to collect and analyze data on the actual operating conditions and determine how clean the plates were without opening the units. The analysis would also be able to indicate whether cleaning should be performed with Cleaning-in-Place or manually.

Initially, the company thought it sounded too good to be true – particularly since the units were supplied by another manufacturer. We knew it wasn’t too good to be true, and we set out to prove it.” SAMER TYBA, ALFA LAVAL SERVICE, SAUDI ARABIA AND BAHRAIN

Extended Performance Agreement is proof of a 100% convinced customer

The company quickly noticed increased uptime and more efficient cooling. The cleaning time was reduced from 150 man hours to 24 by switching from manual cleaning to CIP. They were also able to ensure that the units were in good condition before the critical summer period.

Maintenance costs drop drastically

In addition, the company’s maintenance budget dropped drastically since implementing Cleaning-in-Place instead of using manual cleaning. Pleased with the results, the company renewed its agreement with Alfa Laval several times. 

In the beginning the customer had trouble believing in Alfa Laval Performance Audit – By 2012 they’d signed a three-year performance agreement.”

Tailored for performance

Performance Agreements are tailor-made service solutions that meet your specific needs by combining any of the services in the Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio over a defined period of time. 

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Extending performance with the Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio

Our extensive service portfolio offers all the services you need to ensure top performance,
maximum uptime and operating efficiency from your Alfa Laval equipment throughout its life cycle. Our team of experts and the availability of parts bring you peace of mind.

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The customer

The customer is a leading Saudi Arabian petrochemical manufacturer – the producer of one million tons of ethylene yearly and the second largest producer of titanium dioxide in the world.