Building trust by maximizing plant uptime while minimizing costs

By proving vast service expertise and experience again and again for this major petrochemical company in Saudi Arabia, Alfa Laval earned its trust as a long-term service partner. The result: more uptime, increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

ΗΜΕΡΟΜΗΝΙΑ 2023-11-28

Performance Audit maximized service intervals 

Alfa Laval recommended a Performance Audit for cleaning of 45 large Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers used for cooling. It resulted in condition-based schedules for Cleaning-in-Place and gasket replacement. Since then, the units have been in operation for years without being opened.

Cleaning Services increased uptime by 85%

When faced with challenges at its Olefin plant, the company once again turned to Alfa Laval to increase productivity and cut downtime. Alfa Laval developed a customized Cleaning-in-Place procedure which cut maintenance time from 14 days to just two, boosting uptime and extending the service life of both gaskets and plates.

Condition Audit eliminated production loss

The customer also asked Alfa Laval to ensure trouble-free performance of the plate heat exchangers in its ethylene glycol plant. Ethylene glycol is the product that delivers the highest margins for the company. Based on a Condition Audit of the units, Alfa Laval recommended a comprehensive maintenance plan. It resulted in no unplanned production stops and no loss of ethylene glycol due to heat exchanger downtime. 

Performance Agreement secured plant uptime

By signing a long-term Alfa Laval Performance Agreement for gasketed plate heat exchangers, the customer has been able to secure plant uptime, generate significant cost savings, consistently deliver high end-product quality and boost its bottom line. Alfa Laval earned their complete trust not only by demonstrating process expertise, but also by measureable results from the Performance Agreement. 

We consider Alfa Laval a trusted partner, not just a service provider. We rely on their expertise to help us optimize our processes and raise plant productivity."

Extending performance with the Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio

Our extensive service portfolio offers all the services you need to ensure top performance,
maximum uptime and operating efficiency from your Alfa Laval equipment throughout its life cycle. Our team of experts and the availability of parts bring you peace of mind.

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Tailored for performance

Performance Agreements are tailor-made service solutions that meet your specific needs by combining any of the services in the Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio over a defined period of time. 

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The customer

A major petrochemical company in Saudi Arabia and one of the world’s largest ethylene producers uses large Alfa Laval gasketed heat exchangers – about 70 in all – in critical heat transfer duties throughout the plant.