Appropriate rendering processes can convert animal by-products into fractionated food, feed and technical grade products. These added-value products can include oils, greaves and meals suitable both for animal feed and human consumption, or as ingredients for use in downstream edible and inedible processes.

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Animal by-products that are not suitable for human consumption have significant commercial value, nevertheless. Such by-products can be exploited to produce technical fats for use in many branches of industry as well as in animal feeds. Even though they are not intended for human consumption, there is stringent legislation in place about minimizing the impurities in such fats.

 Alfa Laval’s extensive long-term experience within animal by-product processes designed to add significant commercial value makes us a strong supplier of component solutions as well as complete wet rendering lines. These processing lines and all their components can be adapted for either edible or inedible use, with full CIP capabilities.

The extensive use of “washing” technology using high performance Alfa Laval decanter centrifuges paves the way to the production of fish, meat and bone meal with an exceptionally low fat content. In addition, the washing process increases the protein content in the meal as well as recovering valuable oil.

 The Alfa Vap multi-stage plate evaporation system is a compact as well as energy-efficient method for recovering all the dissolved proteins from the separated liquid phase.

 The final drying is accomplished with Alfa Laval flash driers or by using conventional disc driers.