Process air cooling

Cooling gasification processes calls for specialist know-how and reliable equipment and services. Whether used in gasification, gas shifting or gas cleaning processes, Alfa Laval’s process air cooler portfolio handles pressures up to 613 bar, temperatures up to 400°C and tube materials from carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex and superduplex steels to incoloy, Inconel and titanium.

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Optimizing process air cooling

To tackle process air cooling challenges at integrated gasification combined cycle plants, Alfa Laval offers safe, reliable and corrosion-resistant process air coolers in a variety of designs suitable for most applications. We supply both standardized as well as fully customized air coolers.

The Alfa Laval Olmi air heat exchanger uses finned tube construction that meets API 661 requirement, which is a frequent requirement for IGCC projects.

Know-how to rely on

Alfa Laval has extensive experience with H2S and sour service, hydrogen service, and lethal service. Our reference list spans the world. When needed, our engineers also have know-how to meet the most demanding specification for noise reduction requirements.

Customized equipment

Depending on the service, Alfa Laval may offer header boxes with plugged, cover or manifold construction. Our extensive in-house know-how on header box design, fabrication and examination for extreme service puts us in the select club of top shops of the world.

Alfa Laval OLMI is available with fin types that are extruded, L-footed or embedded construction. Standard fins are made of aluminum material, and the number of fins per inch is customized to meet specific cooling requirements.

Comprehensive air cooling solutions

Alfa Laval also offers a comprehensive turnkey cooling solution, including pre-assembled modularized units, winterization accessories such as louvers, frequency converter cabinets, and containerized auxiliaries such as transformers, converters and PLCs.

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When it comes to tubesheet heat treatment technology, our capabilities are truly unique and set us apart from all competitors.  Please come visit our shop to see the difference.

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