Evaporation fresh water generation

More than 90% of the water on earth is seawater and the salt and impurities it contains make it unsuitable for most purposes. Alfa Laval provides cost-effective desalination units to convert seawater into high-purity fresh water with a low dissolved solids content.

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A unique 3-in-1 process

The Alfa Laval AQUA Blue freshwater generator uses just half the pumping energy of other freshwater generators – because it requires only half as much seawater. Distillation occurs in a single plate pack, which is assembled from a single type of purpose-built titanium plate.

In AQUA Blue, the pioneering AQUA plate technology is combined with a wide range of enhancements for easier installation and simpler operation. Little maintenance is required, and the plate pack slides open for easy access to the interior without an additional service area.

High-volume production of fresh water

The Alfa Laval multi-effect plate freshwater generator (MEP) is capable of generating large volumes of high-quality fresh water for domestic and technical use. Using waste heat from the engines or low-pressure steam as a heat source, the MEP distils seawater by means of titanium plate heat exchangers that are integrated into the evaporator/condenser chambers.

Each MEP is custom-designed for a specific installation using the highest-grade materials, which together with the optimized process design ensure the highest reliability, the least downtime, and the longest and most economical service life.