Soda ash production

Production of commercial-grade soda ash requires energy-intensive processes. Capturing useful thermal energy from one process stream to use in another is a smart way to minimize energy costs and maximize productivity. Alfa Laval’s wide range of compact, durable and efficient heat exchangers help the soda ash industry do just that.

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On the pulse of the soda ash industry

Getting the most out of available materials, reducing production costs and increasing yield are key success factors for soda ash producers. But corrosive media can get in the way.

Compact and corrosion-resistant, Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers deliver high performance, durability and peace of mind. Made of corrosion-resistant titanium or other precious alloys, our highly efficent heat exchangers do away with the headaches associated with conventional shell-and-tube exchangers. Plus Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers can easily be opened and cleaned on the spot, drastically reducing maintenance costs

Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers are a sound alternative for these duties, thereby reducing the pressure drop for the gas.

Saving space - and increasing productivity

Saving space - and increasing productivity For years Brunner Mond used tubular Caisse heat exchangers as ammonia still condensers at their soda ash plant in Northwich, England. However, as time passed they faced problems with corrosion and leakage and the solution was an Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger condenser.

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