FCM 1.5

FCM 1.5 Oil offers all-new flexibility when it comes to being able to handle multiple fuels, and feed them to the engine at the optimal cleanliness, pressure, flow and viscosity. All fuel changeovers are safe, efficient, and fully automated, which saves you and your crew valuable working hours.

FCM65 Front new

Future-proof fuel conditioning

  • All chosen equipment and functions are combined on one compact frame, based on your needs and specifications
  • Fully adjustable temperature ramp, and the ability to set specific viscosity limits, ensures a smooth fuel changeover process
  • Fuel changeover process is safe, and secures the engine integrity and propulsion in any conditions
  • Variable engine loads are possible during the changeover process
  • Progressive development to handle marine biofuels
Alfa Laval FCM 1.5 Oil can meet the full range of your fuel conditioning needs, from the basic to the most advanced, and it is now more flexible than ever. FCM 1.5 Oil is capable of handling up to four fuels, and will safely and efficiently handle the changeover process, ensuring your engine is getting the right fuel, at the right time, in the right conditions. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) ensures it’s a user-friendly experience for your crew, and the multiple options mean you get the right solution for your needs.